Bellamy Brothers

Chances are, subconsciously, you know the entire Bellamy Brothers catalog by heart. That's the magic, for better or worse, of siblings David and Homer's tuneful, mellow country-rock — if such a thing were possible, they would be the Journey of the twanging set. At times the going does get sappy, and yes, they may remind you a tad too much of your parents' special "alone time" LPs they only played when you were at a sleepover. Where do you think that happy accident you call a little brother came from? Songs like "If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body" and "Do You Love As Good As You Look?" are sweetly perverse yet sturdy examples of well-crafted pop-country, even if the double entendres may seem juvenile at this point in the game. The Bellamys teamed up with the Bacon Brothers for 2009 single "Guilty of the Crime," which veers in a more secular direction than their recent Jesus-bopping efforts.


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