Benefit for the Children of Danny Armantrout, Featuring Simpleton and Dinosaur Salad

On June 10, Danny Armantrout and Justine "Buttafly" Maxwell were murdered in their home by Robert Saulter, Maxwells ex-boyfriend, who killed himself a few days later. Armantrout, a talented young tattoo artist, left behind two children from a previous relationship girls age nine and 19 months and Armantrouts friends in Simpleton and Dinosaur Salad are trying to help with this show. Simpleton has been mostly dormant of late (though a new album is said to be in the works), and Simpleton guitarist Jon Blacks Dinosaur Salad hasnt played for quite a while, but for this worthy cause expect a great show. The eight-buck cover goes to Armantrouts daughters.

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