Beyonce Meets Bettie Page In Steamy New Video

. Holy smokes. Have you seen the new Beyoncé video for "Why Don't You Love Me"? It is, shall we say, steamy. Maybe even steamier than "Single Ladies (Put A Ring on It)". First Beyoncé swiped choreography from Bob Fosse . Now she's finding inspiration in entire scenes from Striporama , the Something Weird Video-released compilation of '50s-era burlesque dancers, while alternately living out her domestic fantasies. (Or maybe yours. Beyoncé in the kitchen? Yeow!) The result is totally Betty Draper meets Bettie Page. The video was released on Beyoncé's official Vimeo page , along with a short preview clip. In the video, Beyoncé sloshes around a martini (gin, we're sure), jiggles her boobies, snorts cigarette smoke from her nose like an angry Pamplona bull, preens and poses on a couch in an Esther Williams swimsuit, burns cookies in the kitchen, smacks her gum and then her ass. The song even seems to fit - there's a hint of modernized Motown to it.But with the popularity of Mad Men and Austin's Jigglewatts Burlesque Troupe (who've held a few Bettie Page tribute nights in Houston) there's something a little played out about the early 1960s mores meeting the naughty girl in the bedroom. Plus, don't you just hate when you can't fix a flat tire and a smoking engine with a single crescent wrench while wearing your striper heels and fishnet thigh-highs? We know we do. How many homages to famous sexpots of yore can you spot in the video? Various bloggers have seen Sharon Stone, Pam Grier, Lana Turner and Betty Grable, among others. The song is from Beyoncé's third studio album I Am... Sasha Fierce . See the original Bettie Page video below.

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