Beyonce's 4 & 11 Other Numerical Album Titles

Beyonce's 4 & 11 Other Numerical Album Titles

Beyonce is not the first artist to title her album after a number. Here are 11 more - one of which B may have to unseat from the top of the charts when her fourth solo album, 4, is released next month.

Chicago, Chicago III-Twenty 1 (1971-91): Chicago had a simple formula for naming albums: band name + number of albums in band's catalog. Basically, each album was titled according to its sequence in Chicago's discography, just in case they ever forget how many they had released.

Adele, 19 (2008); 21 (2011): Adele takes the fun out of album titling by naming her CDs after her age at the time of recording. 19 is essentially a breakup album. Current Billboard 200 No. 1 21 follows the same woman-scorned blueprint. We can't wait for her midlife-crisis special, 44.

Lynyrd Skynyrd, Twenty (1997): The title is a tribute to a tragic incident that devastated the band in 1977. Twenty was released 20 years after the plane crash that claimed the lives of three band members: Lead vocalist Ronnie Van Zandt, backup vocalist Cassie Gaines, and guitar player Steve Gaines.

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The Doors, 13 (1970): 13 is thirteen of The Doors' most popular hits stuffed into one CD. It grew to become one of their most popular albums, a rare feat for a greatest-hits compilation.

Blur, 13 (1999): 13 was supposedly named after the studio where Blur recorded its sixth LP. The album also sports 13 tracks.

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