Black Lips Shopping Spree

Regular visitors to Internet voyeur portals like, listen up: Here's your chance to pick up some of the same clothes all those adorable (if somewhat underfed) hipsters on those sites wear, and still have plenty of cash left over for vodka and cocaine. Stop by Buffalo Exchange, 1618 Westheimer, and enter the "Black Lips Shopping Spree" contest before Tuesday and you could win a $50 gift certificate from the store. Even better, Atlanta garage-punk quartet Black Lips — known for their gutter-chic fashion ensembles and onstage antics like making out with each other and singer/guitarist Cole Alexander peeing into his mouth and spraying it all over the audience — will be on hand to offer their expert sartorial counsel to the winner before their October 6 show at the Engine Room. Now you can see if drummer Joe Bradley prefers the leopard-print leggings or Mötley Crüe jean jacket, or if Alexander would go for the iron-on Facts of Life T-shirt or something of the Western pearl-snap variety. Just make sure you don't buy any jeans that are too skinny, because you'll need your legs for dancing later on that evening. And maybe you'll even make it into Vice magazine, though as a "Do" or a "Don't" is entirely up to you.


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