Black Math Experiment, La Sed, MK Ultra

There seem to be two Black Math Experiments, at least according to the local New Wave quintet's new EP All You Need Is Blood. There's the goofy pop pranksters of straight-ahead rocker "Dirty," Devo/Pixies mash-up "Everyone Is Gay" and the unlisted cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Closer," which gives a bouncy, B-52's-like spin to the famous refrain "I wanna fuck you like an animal." Elsewhere, they Goth out on "Alien," with Christi Lane's detached vocals floating above appropriately extraterrestrial synths, and the languid "Girl of My Dreams" takes singer Jef with One F deep into David Bowie/Gary Numan territory. But that's not all: Besides Blood, this busy band has another new release of sorts — Test Results: Anthology 2004-2006 combines 2005's Fake Words and Signs from Space ("You Cannot Kill David Arquette") and last year's Last Transmission from the Blue Room ("Evil Wizard Jesus") onto one disc. Joining BME Saturday are two more mixed-gender Houston groups: Puerto Rican transplants La Sed, makers of mystical metal and prog-tinged hard rock, and experimental/agitpunk activist trio MK Ultra.

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