If you think the new Dixie Chicks record is good (and it is), you'll probably want to take blacktopGYPSY's self-titled release to bed with you. Singer Andie Kay Joyner may not have Natalie Maines's pipes (who does?), but she and her partner, ass-kicking fiddler Heather Woodruff, write a mean song and sing with a blood-in-your-eye attitude. With blacktopGYPSY, Joyner and Woodruff have served notice that there's an interesting new outfit with a unique twist on the Texas music scene. There's plenty of I'll-slap-your-face sass in "I Ain't Your Mama," and Woodruff's "Your Turn to Cry" screams "payback time." The album is a catalog of emotional crimes, of both omission and commission. That isn't exactly a novel idea, but Joyner and Woodruff, who aren't interested in the Miss Congeniality title, manage to add new and interesting twists. Don't expect any of that woe-is-me, heart-on-my-sleeve stuff. Knock these girls down, and they bounce right back up and poke you in the eye.


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