Blackwater Southern

Suplecs hails from New Orleans and is unmistakably blackwater Southern. The three-piece is touring on the back of its Wrestlin' with My Lady Friend debut on Man's Ruin Records. Combining raw, heavy yet bluesy riffs with downright catchy dual vocals, the band creates a dark sonic stew of black-cat bone and juju powder that could best be described as Southern doom.

Songs like "Moped" hit all the right stoner-rock buttons, while "155" is simply classic hard rock. The live show incorporates both styles and boasts equal measures of high volume, humor, energy and improvisation. Just imagine what songs like "Dope Fu" and "Fish on a Highway" sound like live when you're already halfway kicked in the ass.

Durel Yates (guitar, vocals) and Danny Nick (bass, vocals) have been playing together for ten years; four years ago they formed Suplecs with drummer Andrew Preen. To give some indication of the different pulls at work, Nick does double duty as a member of grind kings Eyehategod (with whom Suplecs performs on this tour), while Preen has a standing gig in the jazz ensemble the Crescent City Big Band.



Mary Jane's, 4216 Washington Avenue

Friday, September 29 (713)869-JANE

Still relatively unknown compared to kindred souls such as Alabama Thunder Pussy, Suplecs brings more than enough goods to the table to satisfy any self-respecting heavy rock fan.


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