Bob Livingston

Bob Livingston is a living legend. He was part of the original Lubbock music mafia and, in a timely move, became a key player in the Dallas folk scene that produced Ray Wylie Hubbard, B.W. Stevenson and Michael Martin Murphey. Also an integral part of the musical explosion in Austin during the early '70s, Livingston collaborated with Murphey and Jerry Jeff Walker in jump-starting what became known as the Cosmic Cowboy movement. As the story goes, Livingston, whose band nickname was "Cosmic Bob," uttered the phrase "cosmic cowboy" one night hanging out with Murphey; shortly after, Murphey wrote what would become an Austin anthem, "Cosmic Cowboy, Pt. 1." Eventually Livingston settled in with Jerry Jeff Walker's Lost Gonzo Band, who were not only local icons but also known for legendary excess in all things. Today, the singer-songwriter continues a broad spectrum of music activities, from his Texas Music International label to USO/State Department foreign tours to playing in Texas/Hindu band Cowboys & Indians to recording a new album, Gypsy Alibi, which he's set to release within the month. It contains what could become a new anthem for guys of a certain age and sensibility, "Middle Ages Rockabilly Blues."


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