Bob Log III

Softcore slide-guitar maniac Bob Log III loves him some boobs, live and on record. Forever clad in a motorcycle helmet, the Tucson native makes female (and sometimes even male) mammaries the stars of his show. Whether he's belting out "Clap Your Tits" with the crowd's fleshy accompaniment, or drinking some "Boob Scotch," Log stays on point throughout, with his famed "monkey paw" right hand decimating his guitar. Decked out like a deranged Evel Knievel, Log sings dirty dirges through a gritty mike attached to the inside of his helmet, and keeps time using only a kick drum and cymbal. Breast fetishes and stage theatrics aside, he's one helluva slide player whose primitive sensibility draws not only a fervent rockabilly following but a small blues contingent that digs on his ghostly howl.


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