Marty McCoy, of the Virginia McCoys, who famously feuded with another family, the Hatfields, in the 1800s (the two spent 30 years trying to kill each other off), comes from the small town where Mothman supposedly appeared and catfish reportedly grow to be the size of cars. With that kind of background, Marty McCoy couldn't help but be a rock star. Together with his brother, Shaun (lead guitar, vocals), Marty (guitar) recruited Thomas Johnson (drums), Jerod Mankin (bass) and Michael Steel (guitar, vocals) to form Bobaflex. With their hip-hop beats and "only in rap songs" explicit lyrics, Marty and the boys aren't exactly your typical headbangers, but at heart, Bobaflex is a hard, hard rock band. And maybe a hard-knock band, too. The roster has gone through multiple changes, including one that killed a deal with Columbia Records. It took them more than five years to get their first CD, Primitive Epic, released. But Bobaflex has managed to keep their edge. Last year they released Apologize for Nothing, and the group is now touring with the likes of Megadeth and Life of Agony.

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