Boots Electric

When asked what his new Boots Electric project would sound like, Jesse "The Devil" Hughes laid this image on the Internet's virtual ears: "George Clinton raped by Gary Numan, using Little Richard as a dick." Welp, he's not totally off, even if his choice of phrasing is a little blue. You all know Hughes from Eagles of Death Metal, the raunchy boogie-rock act that saw Hughes and Queens of the Stone Age front man Josh Homme collaborating for three albums of filthy, double-entendre-laden rock influenced by Canned Heat and the Stones. Boots Electric is sort of like a male Ke$ha for the mustachioed tattoo set, with a pronounced electro vibe and girl-group hooks subbing in for EODM's Chuck Berry licks. Debut album Honkey Kong spreads a pretty wide palette, matching compact EODM-style riffs ("Oh Girl") with drum machines and blips and bleeps ("Boots Electric Theme") that wouldn't be out of place on an LCD Soundsystem record. You probably won't find yourself fist-pumping on the dance floor, but you just might dance your ass off and fall in love with something strange. The final track, "Swallowed by the Night," smirkingly testifies to a "weakness for the flesh, powder, speed, and death," but doesn't sound a bit worse for wear.


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