Have you ever had one of those really fun nightmares where everyone is dancing at superspeed while eating loads of bad drugs, shrieking like overloaded human synths and playing 32-bit videogames while wearing rubber underwear? Well, you've obviously never passed out at 5 a.m. with Borgore's "Nympho," "Gloryhole" or even his special "Die Bitch" remix of Asking Alexandria's "The Final Episode" blasting from your bedside stereo. Hailing from the holy land of Israel, Asaf Borger has been flooding sleeping, screaming skulls with enjoyably negative noise for years. He's held down a gig as the drummer for a deathcore band. He's done time behind the decks as the evil half of Alphamale Primates. And now he's gone solo, pounding out hard, grimy and occasionally goofy blasts of paranoid, 150-decibel terror that steals its sonic cues from dubstep, dirty rap, horror flicks and — as he readily admits — "fine porn."


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