The Geto Boys of emocore: Boys Night Out.
The Geto Boys of emocore: Boys Night Out.

Boys Night Out, Moneen and Senses Fail, with the Beautiful Mistake and For the Time Being

Girls suck. Not only do they suck, they're the root of all evil and the cause of everything that's making your life difficult. If you don't agree, then you must not be a semi-sensitive teen dealing with Clearasil and prom dates, because each of those unfortunate souls agrees with poor oblivious Adam: Eve is a bitch.

Those already hip to that hard-won knowledge should head to Java Jazz Coffeehouse Friday night, when a trio of girl-opposed emo and hardcore acts will take the stage to revel in their manliness and keep each other steeled against the dangerous lure of blond sirens in tank tops. There's bound to be a strong contingent of those sirens there too, because hey, these are rock stars.

The aptly named Boys Night Out's swirling, gnashing mix of punk-laced hardcore has made it the best thing to come from Canada since...well, maybe the first good thing to come from Canada. Lead singer Connor Lovat-Fraser specializes in the scream that's made emocore today's most exciting subgenre of a subgenre, but he's also comfortable slowing things down or punking them up. The lyrics are rife with bloody, violent imagery aimed for the most part at women. Trust us, if the National Organization of Women knew what these guys sang about, they'd be outside screaming back. Still, there's a certain Geto Boys-like poetic brilliance to lines like "You know that I love you, but now I just can't shut you up / So, now I'll have to chop you up and I'll just wait until I get caught." The rest of the band is right behind Lovat-Fraser with screeching guitars, thunder-hammer bass licks and rapid-fire drums that'll pummel any unsuspecting listener.


Boys Night Out, Senses Fail and Moneen; The Beautiful Mistake and For the Time Being are also on the bill

Java Jazz Coffeehouse, 419 Gentry in Spring.

Friday, February 6; for information, call 281-528-8129.

Slightly less misogynistic and much more musically complex are the fellow Canucks who make up Moneen, whose debut, Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Now?, goes after the whole spectrum of teenage alienation, not just the stuff caused by girls. Moneen's music initially sounds like little more than calculated noise -- they play down the hardcore of the other two bands in favor of pop-streaked emo. If you can make it to three or four listens, though, something magical happens. The walls break down. More than one fan has declared them the best new band of 2003.

The he-man-woman-hater's-club poetry of BNO will also be balanced out by Senses Fail, a slightly more mainstream hardcore act in the vein of Story of the Year. After joining on the Warped Tour last summer and heavily promoting its single, "Bloody Romance," the band seems poised to break out big. With similar, albeit technically better acts such as the Used, Thrice and Taking Back Sunday paving the way, it won't be long before these guys are on the radio.


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