Brian Keane, Wayne Sutton and Rachel Loy

Most of Houston has yet to discover these Austin singer-songwriters, who each released interesting records in 2005 that garnered good press. Keane's I Ain't Even Lonely made a few national best-of lists, and the Houston Press included it in a year-end round-up of ten albums we never got around to reviewing that we felt we should have (see "Hidden Treasures," November 17, by Jason Bracelin and Scott Faingold). Several labels are kicking Keane's tires in anticipation of his next release. Sutton's Walking Disaster, the second solo release from Patrice Pike's guitarist and writing partner, who's already had two songs in the Billboard charts in his career, was one of the most under-reported albums of '05. It's a brilliant collection of powerful still-life originals that tread the fine line between jubilation and depression, sanctity and sacrilege, Hiatt and Waits. At 22, Loy is already a battle-hardened professional whose vital statistics include a major-label songwriting deal with Sony Epic that led to a Billboard chart hit ("The Same Man") and live appearances on the Today show and CNN by the time she was 19. The first Berklee College of Music woman graduate to get a major-label deal, Loy has released a stylish power-pop production in Love the Mess, but the talented multi-instrumentalist can get down and dirty with the best of the Texas country set. These three up-and-comers will be supporting one another in full band mode this time around, which should provide for some unique musical moments.


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