Bright Men of Learning

Bright Men of Learning has had a special place in our heart since we caught a couple members and Tody Castillo doing a brief Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers set at one of the Mink's Hootenannys a while back (look for another one at the new Fitzgerald's in December). So with Petty's visit just around the corner, we can't think of a better warm-up than BMOL's album-release party for Fired, the local five-piece's first recording since 2006's self-titled LP. Three songs on Fired, a chunky assortment of agreeable indie-rock in line with the Strokes and Guided By Voices, even predate Bright Men of Learning itself: "Western Hearts," "Richard III" and "Your Brave Mistake" were written when BMOL were still Chasmatic, and Spain Colored Orange's Gilbert Alfaro was still in the band; a hard-drive mishap prevented them from surfacing until now. Admission to the show includes a free digital-download card for Fired, which is otherwise only available on vinyl at Cactus Music and Sound Exchange.


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