Broken Teeth

Although bed-headed, somewhat fey indie-rock and alt-country currently dominate the Austin music scene, underneath is a foundation of pure hard rock and metal. This oft-overlooked fact largely stems from the efforts of stalwarts like leather-lunged Broken Teeth front man Jason McMaster. Since fronting sleaze merchants Dangerous Toys — one of only a few Austin bands to ever break the half-million sales mark — in the late-'80s heyday of cock-rock central the Back Room, McMaster has become synonymous with the sort of fare featured at Red River dives like Room 710 and the Red Eyed Fly. In the AC/DC-indebted Broken Teeth, he still stalks the stage like a panther and unleashes a bloodcurdling shriek at least once a song, keeping the band in such heavy live demand they still haven't been able to take enough time off to follow up 2005's Blood on the Radio.

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