Bruce Robison

Bruce Robison is quietly earning a rep as one of Texas's best songwriters.

Bruce Robison is one of the classiest acts in the Texas music genre. The tall father of four could probably have a much higher-profile career if he wanted to, but he and mate Kelly Willis both seem determined to find a balance between performing and personal lives. By all accounts, they seem to be succeeding. Robison's 2006 release Eleven Stories was another in a line of stripped-down, no-nonsense, high-quality releases that have made him one of the most respected and covered writers in country -- and not-so-country -- music. Songs like "Kitchen Blues," "You Really Let Yourself Go" and "Virginia" touched the range of domestic emotion honestly and unsentimentally. Where Nashville has mostly talked about returning to solid country songwriting recently, Robison just quietly does it without much fanfare or hype. Maybe he should teach a class. If we needed another Guy Clark, Robison would certainly be a candidate.

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