Okay, with songs like "Matando Gueros/Killing White Guys" and CD covers that feature severed heads, it makes sense that this hardcore death metal band's members wear disguises for their publicity photos and use aliases such as Fantasma (Ghost) and Juan Brujo (John Warlock). They don't want to give the Mexican police anything to go on. Actually, Brujeria is a side project for a group of rockero all-stars including Fear Factory's Dino Cazares (guitar) and Raymond Herrera (drums), along with members of Faith No More, Napalm Death and Down by Law. The members say they come from the jungles of Mexico. Those must be some pretty high-tech huts, because the group has put out ten CDs over the last 16 years. Their affinity for mutilated bodies aside, these are some serious rockers with, believe it or not, some serious messages. "Raza Odiada/Hated Race" and "Almas de Venta/Souls for Sale" are just two of their songs. This Houston show is part of a seven-date mini-tour that includes California, Mexico and Spain. Brujeria appears with Pinhed, Adumus, Images of Violence, Burnt Face Jack and Blood Void.


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