You don't have to speak or understand Spanish to enjoy Brujeria, our favorite Satanic Mexican grindcore band. Since 1989, the band has trafficked — tee-hee — in punishing yet über-catchy dirges about running drugs, worshiping Satan, violent crime and, of course, witchcraft. With their barked and heavily processed lyrics and sweat-filled mosh pits, the band has been able to cross cultural lines and sate even the palest of faces in the metal world. It didn't hurt that their first LP, 1993's Matando Güeros, featured a gnarly and very real severed head on the cover, forever keeping them on all-time most-offensive album cover lists. Lead singer Asesino (real name Dino Cazares, late of Fear Factory) left in 2005, and now vocal duties are held by John Lepe. It's hard to tell whether the crowd will look like a Danny Trejo family reunion or be full of metal knobs with cool hair and jean jackets.


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