The artist known as Buckethead is an unusual variant on "guitar hero." He knows six-string constructs like a salamander knows wet leaves, but few know the face, or identity, of Buckethead (due to his ever-present bucket-shaped hood). Buckethead's style is forged from the metallic assaults of Slayer and Steve Vai, Eddie Hazel's psychedelic funk, and the free-improvised fervency of saxophonists John Zorn and Peter Brotzmann. Buckethead started out with Bay Area funksters the Deli Creeps, then branched out to record and/or perform with disparate luminaries including Les Claypool, Bernie Worrell and actor/poet Viggo Mortensen (yes, Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings films), and even did a stint in the re-formed Guns N' Roses. It's anyone's guess what Buckethead has in store for Houston, but whatever it is, you can bet the rent it'll be memorable.


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