Bullet For My Valentine: Scream Aim Fire

Metal-core band Bullet For My Valentine takes the best of British heavy metal (tap-frenzy twin-guitar harmonies, rapid-fire rhythms) and combines it with the worst of American emo (harmonic choruses that border on whininess). We'll forgive them because a) they're British; b) they don't wear girls' jeans; and c) new album Scream Aim Fire has enough metal muscle to redeem itself in the face of self-indulgent screaming. Produced by Colin Richardson (Machine Head, Funeral for a Friend), the album is chock-full of hoarse, pissed-off vocals on the verses and big, emotive, melodic choruses. Though it sounds too dramatic at points, there's plenty of primal rage to like here, from the burly, shouted choruses on the title track (which harks back to old-school speed metal) to the progressive timing changes and tribal-drum breakdown on "Take It Out on Me."


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