Bulls On Parade: Our Favorite Songs About Livestock

It's almost Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo time again. Our annual celebration of sub-par country music and pissed-off bovines stomping poor fools' nuts in the dirt kicks off March 2 and runs for almost three weeks. During which Houstonians will enjoy traffic-delaying wagon trains and more douchebags in spotless Stetsons than at any time since the Urban Cowboy days. But we at Rocks Off want to remind everyone what this event is really supposed to be about: The livestock. So as our contribution to the next two weeks of Rodeo hype, here are our selections for best songs about domesticated animals raised for food or profit.

Rage Against the Machine, "Bulls on Parade"

RAtM is still one of our favorite major label anarcho-socialist alterna-rock-rap band. And regardless of how you view their politics, Tom Morello still shreds.

The Judy's, "Dogs"

Honestly, we wanted to put up a clip of "Moo," since it fits the theme better (dogs aren't really livestock), but couldn't find it anywhere. Any excuse to include Pearland's favorite sons is one we'll take, however.

Pink Floyd, AnimalsAnimals

gets unfairly lost in the shuffle of

Dark Side of the Moon


Wish You Were Here


The Wall

. It's also the last Floyd album not devoted entirely to Roger Waters' daddy issues.

Ren & Stimpy, "Royal Anthem of the Kilted Yaksmen"R&S

was, along with Ralph Bakshi's

Mighty Mouse

, one of the most subversive cartoons ever to masquerade as "children's entertainment." God bless John K, and god bless the Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen.

Manic Street Preachers, "Donkeys"

The Manics' interest in raising livestock sadly died with Richey Edwards' disappearance. Animal husbandry is poorer for it.

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