Bumblebeez 81

Rock, rap and more breed sans common sense on this wacky, fun disc.

Plenty of scribes have unloaded on The Printz, and it's easy to see why. This compilation of two EPs is often a mess, with Aussie provocateur Chris Colonna and one-named helpers such as Pia and Surya gleefully engaging in unnatural acts of rock, hip-hop and plenty more, without the slightest regard for common sense. Yet the chaos behind these theories often exudes a twisted charm.

Although "Pony Ride," a mélange of distorted vocals, clap-happy percussion and brainless hooks mixed by Mario C, is the chief attraction, this platter sports plenty of other amusing moments -- and if many of them are unintentional, who cares? "I Come with Water" overcomes its myriad weaknesses via eccentric pronunciation ("I come with wah-tuh to put out yo fi-yuh!"), while "Rappa" contains the inspirational verse "I wanna be a rappa / Not a ho backstage / At an Eminem show / Earning minimum wage."

Such moments make The Printz one of the zaniest discs to appear on a major label in years. Dance this mess around.

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