Bun B Hurt At Gumball 3000 Rally Concert

Careful there, Bun.
Careful there, Bun.

Bun B jumps onstage at Houston-area hip-hop concerts so often that the idea of the II Trill rapper getting hurt under the lights is almost inconceivable. But apparently that's what has happened. Allhiphop.com is reporting that Bun, whose presence will no doubt be missed at tonight's Ludacris/Monica show, was onstage at a club in Stockholm, Sweden, at a concert connected to the continent-hopping Gumball 3000 rally when so many people decided to join him that he fell off, injuring his knee and right arm. "It got kind of crowded," the Web site quotes a statement by the rapper. "Someone fell onto me and I ended up falling off the stage and I split my knee open and sprained my ligaments in my right arm. "The problem was the injury happened at 4.30 a.m. and we had to get on the bus at 8 a.m. to catch the plane to America. If I had gone to the hospital, I would have missed the flight so someone gave me some Extra Strength Excedrin." Ouch. Playing through the pain, Bun added that he still hasn't seen a doctor even though the injury happened four days ago. "I can't afford to miss the Gumball," he said. The Gumball Rally, a two-continent road race that began last weekend in London, concludes today in Times Square. Other hip-hop personalities on the concurrent tour include Eve, Xzibit and former Cypress Hill turntable-minder DJ Muggs.

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