Buxton, Small Sounds

A show like this at Discovery Green's Capital One music series is encouraging, to say the least — we won't go so far as to say it represents a sea change in the local-music scene, but it should allow two of Houston's best roots-rock bands to reach an audience that doesn't make it out to Mango's or the Continental Club very often (if ever). Buxton has grown progressively sharper, tougher and tighter since debuting with 2008's dreamy, ghostlike A Family Light and is currently recording its second LP at Sugar Hill Studios. We heard echoes of Band of Horses and Fleet Foxes when the band debuted some of the new songs at Walter's on Washington back in February, and imagine they will sound even more epic outdoors. The Small Sounds' brand of Americana could be even more interesting, because their languid melodies and hushed harmonies are practically custom-made for dimly lit dives.


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