By the End of Tonight

Bands get back together for all sorts of reasons, some more unfortunate than others. When their mutual van containing all their gear was stolen in January, former By the End of Tonight bandmates Brett Taylor and James Templeton decided a reunion was in order. Whatever the circumstances, a return appearance from the Alvin-spawned band is a boon for fans of the hazy border between rock meets avant-garde experimentalism; "The best news ever," according to BTEOT's Wikipedia page. Before the members went their separate ways a couple of years ago, BTEOT's soundtrack-worthy instrumental reveries were spoken of in the same awestruck tones reserved for their onetime labelmates Explosions in the Sky, Maserati and The Black Heart Procession. Young Mammals, B L A C K I E and Caddywhompus do their part for the cause in support.


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