Byron Dean's Matagorda Island Discs

In our second installment, Poor Dumb Bastard Byron Dean weighs in from his digs on the far northwest side:

Ramones, It's Alive. This was my "mirror star" album — I'd put it on and I'd be Joey Ramone...

Buzzcocks, A Different Kind of Tension. Not a bad song on here.

Gang of Four, Entertainment. I found that essence rare...

Dicks/Big Boys, Live at Raul's. An essential part of my punk rock youth.

Judas Priest, British Steel. There's something about British gay leather metal...

Junkyard, Junkyard. Great band, great record.

Minor Threat, Out of Step. Can't keep up, can't keep up, can't keep up.

SuperSuckers, Sacrilicious Sounds of... "I was born with a tail..."

George Jones, Super Hits. I'm not made of stone....sometimes a man needs to cry.

Judys, Washarama. Takes me back to the Island days...

Does this mean I'm being sent to a desert island?

(Want your own picks to appear in this space? Send them to You can write about your picks as much or as little as you want.)


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