Cafe Tacvba

Some quipsters who coin their musical thumbnails with a kernel of truth have taken to labeling Cafe Tacvba the Mexican Radiohead, because there's simply no American band with the same combination of artistry, populism and a powerhouse live show to emerge in the past two decades. (Wilco...maybe.) Named for the Mexico City coffeehouse where the quartet played some of their earliest gigs, Tacvba has achieved the same level of commercial success in their homeland as, well, Radiohead, but has still eluded the lion's share of the American alt-rock audience. So much the better for us norteamericanos who are hip to them, because if Houston were Monterrey or Saltillo, Saturday's show would be at Toyota Center instead of across the street at House of Blues. Tacvba's first album since 2007's Sino, De Este Lodo del Camino, is due in the fall, possibly October.


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