Candye Kane

Singer, mother, former kid shoplifter, ex-porn actress, bisexual sex activist, cancer survivor — Candye Kane's life is more fascinating than most of the bawdy blues songs she sings. No telling why the buxom, consistently brassy California girl hasn't been the subject of her own big-screen biopic yet, except maybe no skinny contemporary actresses would be willing to bulk up for the role. (Maybe Kate Winslet; it would be nice to see her back in her plump, Titanic prime again...but I digress.) The once-zaftig Kane has slimmed down considerably — 75 pounds, she says on her Web site — after a bout with pancreatic cancer forced her to have the Whipple procedure, removing part of her stomach, small intestine, bile duct, pancreas and gall bladder. Now on tour to promote next month's album, Super Hero, she certainly hasn't lost her voluptuous, vocally vigorous vitality.


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