Carolyn Wonderland, John Egan

We didn't do an exact count, but Carolyn Wonderland has probably won more Houston Press Music Awards than anyone else. At the very least, the singer-guitarist is right up there with D.R.U.M. and Los Skarnales, which is especially remarkable because she hasn't won any since 2004, around the time she relocated to Austin. Her most recent album, 2008's Miss Understood, won her both Best Blues Band and Best Female Vocalist at the next year's Austin Music Awards, so we assume she had plenty of practice making her acceptance speech. Besides, Wonderland — who married former Saturday Night Live writer and performer A. Whitney Brown on Doug Sahm Hill in March — still comes back often enough that Houstonians have hardly had a chance to miss her sizzling licks and blues-belter vocals, and she kicks off Discovery Green's springtime Capitol One Concert Series Thursday. Opening is Houston's John Egan, who does things with a Resonator guitar that have to be illegal in less progressive states.


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