Carrie Ann & the Apocalyptics

Carrie Ann Buchanan has paid some dues. The wife of local Americana fave Opie Hendrix and mother of two somehow balances music with her busy home life and career as a legal secretary. For the past few years, Buchanan has held down the early slot at Dan Electro's happy hour, and lately she's been spending considerable time at Larry Cooper's studio, where she's recorded 15 tracks that range from Dave Matthews funk to the pop side of Patsy Cline. Working with her regular band the Apocalyptics — inimitable bassist Jim Jackson (Beans Barton & the Bipeds), slide guitarist Gary Clark and drummer Adam Carmen — Buchanan ranges from folksy gospel on "Glory, Glory" to Sylvia Plath homage on "Madhouse Blues." Saturday's gig marks the release of Buchanan's new CD, Strong Wind, and the title track alone — featuring Hendrix's freewheeling guitar work — makes it worth paying attention to.


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