Chances Bar Closing After Saturday Night

"Thanks for the mammaries"

Chances Bar Closing After Saturday Night
Craig Hlavaty

Montrose nightlife staple Chances is shutting down this weekend, according to owner Nick Vastakis. Vatakis' family has owned the space since it was Charlie's Coffee Shop in the '70s, but his family is moving out of bar management and into property development, he told Rocks Off in a quick phone interview Friday afternoon.

"Chances lasted a lot longer than we though it would. It's been a great time," Vastakis said.

Chances has been a popular hangout for almost 16 years for Montrose's gay and lesbian community, becoming a hub of activity during holidays and especially Gay Pride weekend festivities.

"It's a natural evolution for us all in the family. I was spear-fishing with my 12-year-old son in Greece and he said, 'You know Dad, we never get to just hang out. You are always at the bar working,' and so we decided to change the direction of our business plan," Vastakis said.

Chances Bar Closing After Saturday Night

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A fire in April of 2006 sidelined Chances, but it soon bounced back with a remodel. As noted by Rocks Off's sister blog Hair Balls, the Vastakis family put the property on the market in July.

As for the new tenants, Vastakis says that they just recently signed a deal with a group that will turn it into a high-end restaurant, with a superstar chef that they are keeping under wraps for now.

"It's going to blow Montrose out," Vastakis said. "It's going to be great."

Vastakis added that there will be a closing bash for Chances this Saturday night before the hotspot closes its doors for good. The marquee will also go out with a bang he said, with the message:

"Thanks for the mammaries"

Godspeed, Chances.

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