Chris Knight

Honorary Texan Chris Knight.

Broken beer bottle in one hand, skinning knife in the other, with a couple of warrants in his shirt pocket, Kentuckian Chris Knight comes from the redneck-y right wing of the Americana genre. Since stunning Nashville and the Americana world — a hard trick — with Chris Knight, his 1998 debut album for Decca produced by Houstonian Frank Liddell, the former mine reclamation inspector has had numerous songs covered by more mainstream Nashville acts. Yet he's also built a particularly rabid alt-country Texas fanbase that corrals both the ball-cap crowd and Americana aficionados. Knight is so popular in Texas he was named an honorary Texan by Governor Perry. Most of his songs are about fightin' and maybe killin' an old boy here or there, or about poor folks' problems like banks, prison, prescription drugs, cut-rate booze and child abuse, but they are as realistic and compelling as anything being written in any genre. Talkative local crowds might take note that the Knight can get a little surly and, as at a past Mucky Duck show, he will call you out from the stage if you don't shut the fuck up while he's working.

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