Christina Perri

If not for the fluke inclusion of her single "jar of hearts" on a recent season of So You Think You Can Dance, the world may have only known newcomer Christina Perri as a smiling, tattooed waitress in Los Angeles. But after the song was used for a sequence on the popular televised dance contest last summer, she began recording lovestrong, a collection of Carole King-style piano ballads released in April on Atlantic Records. The singer, who now tours with a full band, has been making the rounds on chat shows across the country, including Jimmy Kimmel Live during the initial promo push for lovestrong. As for the album, it's a catchy collection of alternately somber and energetic cuts, including the hopped-up "bang bang bang" and the aching plinking (not planking) of "sad song," which is perfect for a girls' trip to the beach.


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