Chuckway: Seafood Yes, Groupies No

The hip-hop world is a less than sensible place -lots of times, you're even required to clarify when bad means bad and when bad means good- so once a week we're going to get with a rapper and ask them to explain things. Have something you always wanted to ask a rapper? Email it to

Chuckway: Seafood Yes, Groupies No

This Week's Rapper: Chuckway This Week's Subject(s): Oil spills; car bombings in NYC; girls showing rappers their boobs Ask A Rapper: Let's talk about something very rapper-ly. How about that great big oil spill? Surely all of the rappers in the world are discussing that. Chuckway: Man I think that's a serious matter right now, especially considering a large percentage of America's seafood comes from there. I don't think a lot of people realize how it may effect the economy.

Chuckway, "Like A Dog"

AAR: We certainly didn't. We love fried shrimp. That shit is delicious. We could eat it for every meal. CW [laughs]: Seafood is my favorite.

Chuckway: Seafood Yes, Groupies No

AAR: Okay, we should talk about something else. It turns out we don't know near enough about that to carry on a conversation about it that's more involved than "Man, it sucks big time." How about touring? Tell us what that's like for a rapper. Is there a big market? Like, how much do they pay you guys for shows? CW: Touring is harder than I thought. From the outside looking in its all fun but its actually more work than anything. But I love it 'cause I get to meet different types of people. Shows and prices change, but the fans love us and show so much support. Not once have we had any issues dealing with booking prices. Guess the demand is good, so you can say.

Chuckway, "Temptation"

AAR: When you say it's more work than anything, what do you mean? Like, do you mean that there are just too many women trying to let you touch their breasts? CW: More work means less time personal matters. Every minute in a day counts. I mean, our schedule is busy most of the day so when there is free time we usually spend it with family. And yes there's a bigger market out there that will take a little time to reach. I'm learning a lot thanks to J Dawg and the Boss Hogg family. AAR: We'd just like to throw out there that I purchased a "God Fearing Gangsta" T-shirt from the South Side Smoke Shop several days ago. CW: We really appreciate u and your support. AAR: Did you see that thing with the NYC car bomb? Whenever people are trying to name cities better than Houston they always name New York. We say that's phooey. We mean, they might have more stuff but they also have more terrorist attacks that has to take away some of their hipness. Or are terrorist attacks hip? We never can tell anymore. CW: Yeah, I seen the car bomb situation and think that's some crazy shit. Even if it happened in a small town, I think its fucked up 'cause innocent people shouldn't have to suffer.  

Chuckway: Seafood Yes, Groupies No

AAR: Do you think Z-Ro had anything to do with it? The oil spill too. And he's probably tied to the Bloody Mary myth too. CW: Naw, I don't think Z-Ro would hurt anybody innocent. I think he's getting to the money right now so that would be a distraction for him to wanna hurt innocent people [laughs]. AAR: Well, that is the sort of the calling card of the devil... When you're out touring, how do you decide which girls you're going to let backstage? Is there a fair and just system of choosing? Or is it just whoever looks the most likely to do some illicit stuff? CW [laughs]: I think all girls will do illicit stuff if they run across the right nigga, but, personally, I don't entertain a lot of groupie love if that's what you wanna know. AAR: Why not? That seems like it'd be one of the best rapper perks. That and being able to say things like "I'm hood than a bitch" without sounding ridiculous. CW: 'Cause I been there and did that and that shit gets old. People come around for all the wrong reasons once your name gets a buzz so I just build a bigger fan base by just speaking and keeping' it movin', u feel me? And

Chuckway, "Like A Dog"

is gonna be a hood favorite. Produced by the big homie Ronnie D. Get tour updates at and follow him on Twitter at @itschuckwayman.

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