Circuits of Steel Tour

Pittsburgh is much more than merely a town full of black-and-gold-clad unemployed steelworkers jamming to Christina Aguilera and the Cynics, and this year's Circuits of Steel Tour represents more than just a local musical movement trying to make good on the national scene. This collective of experimental electronic artists from Pittsburgh -- namely Xanapticon, Girl Talk, Impercept, Syne Lapse Variate and Stoic Sex Pro -- are out to alter your perception of the Iron City, a town that is home to many artists and intellectuals who aren't afraid to break down the imaginary walls built around genres. You won't hear house music, hip-hop, drum 'n' bass or trance, though elements of all of the above could be sprinkled in at any time and twisted all to shit. What you'll get is more along the lines of Don Caballero with laptops and turntables.


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