Clipd Beaks

Clipd Beaks, Oakland's carnal art-punkers

Oakland's carnal art-punkers Clipd Beaks are living proof of a gateway drug. There's a particular rush that comes with listening to the Minneapolis transplants, and it's entirely intense, intoxicating and ethereal -- something peer pressure could never lead to.

The music's pulse swaggers in hypnotizing post-punk rhythms and tribal percussion powwows, wrapped in a thick skin of sonically cultivated synth treatments, bombastic bass lines, distorted lead vocals/chants and clamoring guitar cacophony. On the foursome's excellent debut EP, Preyers, released last year on Tigerbeat6, songs like "Messed-Up Desert" and "Hash Angels" were dejected and melancholy. But it only goes to show that Clipd Beaks and their propulsive, This Heat-ish noir-punk psychedelics are opening the gates, going harder and higher.

Clipd Beaks perform Saturday, March 24, at Notsuoh, 314 Main. 713-237-8220. Church of the Snake and Wicked Poseur also perform.


Clipd Beaks

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