To hear some of the more underground night owls tell it, you'd think Club Some -- Emo's infamous after-hours alter ego -- has sold out. Not quite, says co-owner Neil Heller.

"In essence, the crowd hasn't changed at all," says Heller, who founded the club seven years ago. "It's always been the most mixed crowd in the city -- race, age, gender, sexual preference."

On a recent Saturday night, it looked as if representatives of all those demographic categories -- and perhaps a few others -- were out in force. Come 3 a.m., the line outside snaked down the block, and for once a taxi was easy to come by in Houston, as they were lined up bumper to bumper just outside.

Inside, Some's main area was one sweaty, throbbing mass, its components surging to a miasmic, high-volume mix of trance, progressive house and tribal beats. Over in the small chill-out room, rave kids sprawled on couches soaking up the experience, mesmerized by a computer-animation flick flashing on the screen as a pulsing trip-hop soundtrack played in the background. It almost made me wish I hadn't given up drugs. Everywhere you looked, there was tightly packed humanity -- on the dance floor, at the non-alcoholic bar, in the restroom.

"I'd agree that our Saturday-night crowds have become more mainstream," admits Heller. "The club's just become more popular."

In fact, barring the lack of booze, Some could almost be mistaken for one of the hipper Richmond Strip nightclubs. Heaven forbid.


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