Strange how things work: Trammell Crow has informed Voodoo Lounge owner Dan Robinson that he's in default on his lease at Shepherd Plaza. The letter arrived August 25, less than a week after my story ("Stirring the Pot", August 20) documenting the apparent troubles that arose between Robinson, his landlord and neighboring tenants over the racial makeup of his clientele.

The default notice claims that Robinson has "operated a sexually oriented business by having strip shows on the premises on a number of occasions." The letter also states that Robinson "violated the use clause and the law in other ways, such as having drugs on the premises."

Twice, so far, the Voodoo Lounge has hosted "Stripteaze Wednesday," but no nudity was involved on either occasion, Robinson claims. "It was old-style, sensual erotic, and I have no idea what they're talking about, having drugs on the premises. It's funny that all of a sudden this is coming up," he says. "I have 15 days to cure this. If I have two of these letters from them, they can go ahead and lock me out."

And if he abides by the notice, Robinson has nothing to worry about, says his attorney, Louis H. Salinas: "If you have a non-monetary default, you have an ability to cure; if you cure, there's no problem."

But what's to cure if you've done nothing wrong from the outset? "It was a glorified bikini contest," Robinson says. "The first week, we had two guys that went down to shorts; one girl went down to a catsuit -- she was dressed like a cat. It was a fun thing, like a Vegas routine."

Trammell Crow's Janet Meinzer, the property manager for Shepherd Plaza, couldn't be reached for comment. Party pooper.


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