The beer coolers and jug bottles of Jim Beam were out in full force September 4 at the Fabulous Satellite Lounge, as there was no booze to be had at the bar, by order of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. An unspecified problem in the liquor-license-renewal process meant the Satellite had to go dry for almost a week (things are now back to normal). But that didn't seem to bother Jason and the Scorchers fans, most of whom, upon seeing the large BYOB sign outside, hopped back into their vehicles in search of sustenance -- and they promptly returned with half a liquor store.

A few hours later, the Satellite staff had what looked like a bar full of piss-drunk Scorchers fans on its hands. With nothing at all to regulate alcohol intake and broken glass, empty bottles, cases of beer and woozy, wild looks everywhere, things might easily have spun out of control. But everyone held it together (perhaps they were too drunk to raise hell), and old Jason looked mighty pleased. Some party.


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