Get ready to duck. There's a disco-ball war brewing on the Richmond Strip. Polly Esther's, an upscale '70s- and '80s-themed dance club chain with nine other locations nationwide, has moved into the former Rock Bottom Brewery, much to the chagrin of another retro-trendy nightclub, Boogie Nights, just across the street. Polly Esther's grand opening is Thursday, and you can bet Boogie Nights general manager John Young will be watching very, very closely.

"The reason that they're going in across the street from us is because we put them out of business in Chicago and Fort Lauderdale," Young says. "It's sort of a personal thing."

Polly Esther's New York-based co-creator, Tim Ouelette, flatly denies Young's contention, saying that there was nothing personal behind choosing the location they did. "Chicago is our number one location; I'm flabbergasted," Ouelette says in response to Young's comment. "I would never make a decision based on personal feelings."

Word is, with its other location in Northwest Houston doing so well, Boogie Nights might not even hang around long enough to put up a fight. Already rumors are circulating that the Richmond club may just up and close -- a scenario Young naturally denies: "We've known this has been coming for quite a while. We've got some strategies."

Boogie Nights won't expand on those tactics, but chances are, unwitting club-goers will be in the firing line. So keep 'em covered.


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