Hard to believe, but we're already rubbing up against the deadline for the closure of Fitzgerald's. Saturday's gig with 30footFALL, the Suspects, Dynamite Boy, Pinhead Circus, the Overdrives and Mukraker will be the final show for at least a month. During that time, the building will undergo its first renovations, which will include expansion of Zelda's to include kitchen space for a potential restaurant. Then, after a short respite in September, phase two will begin. Exterior beautification, and remodeling and expansion of the upstairs space will make for better handicap accessibility, more extensive bar service, improved seating, higher quality sound and lights, snazzier restrooms and more effective air conditioning (thank God).

As for the pervading rumor that Fitzgerald's will be reopening as a jazz supper club (or something along those lines), it would appear to be unfounded. But the club will be expanding its music roster to encompass a broader range of sounds. No word yet on what that means for the underage set.


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