Big-city decadence will be the rule at Instant Karma when the club hosts a Velvet Underground tribute show Saturday. Local acts scheduled to perform: Texas Guinness Lovers, Rusted Shut, Rosebud, the Jeepneys, Senator Gravity, Hersling, StarTruck, Treehugger, Nobody Jones, Gandhi in Vegas and Invisible Robot Fish. All, of course, will cover classic VU material, and many of the musicians will take the stage disguised as members of the Velvet Underground -- or possibly one of Andy Warhol's ever-mutating late-'60s clique.

To strengthen the effect, Karma's interior will be done up to resemble the look and atmosphere of Warhol's infamous Factory complex. And in true New York fashion, an after-hours party will follow at a location to be determined. All proceeds from the event go to the Montrose Radio Collective.


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