The curse of 6400 Richmond Avenue continues: Earlier this summer, the flashy, fussed-over 6400 Sports Cafe closed its doors after only a few months in operation, suffering the same swift and unfortunate fate of Peter's Wildlife, Rockefeller's West, Hippo and others before it. Rumor has it that the club's owner, successful nightlife mogul Mike Steinman, was unhappy with the jockish clientele the place was attracting. (Imagine that, sports freaks at a sports bar.) It seems he wanted a more dance-oriented crowd.

Now, Steinman has teamed up with Latino nightclub entrepreneur Mario Anzaldua (Eldorado Ranch, the Roxy) for a joint venture called T-Town 2000. The Hispanic answer to Steinman's City Streets complex just down the road, the five-venue facility opens Thursday. It features a Tejano nightclub (Eldorado), a Top 40/hip-hop/Latin dance club (La Boom), a sports bar (Players), a patio-style enclave for classic-rockers (Tequila Rock) and a karaoke bar (Toon Town). Naturally, T-Town's creators shy away from making any sweeping demographic generalizations, but the target audience is hardly a secret. And given the resounding lack of success that particular location has experienced over the years, their aim had better be dead-on.


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