A deserted, sand-blown shell for two years, the weathered structure on Galveston's Poretta Beach that used to be Blisters nightclub is back in business under the rather longwinded moniker VooDoo Daddy's Beach Grill and Swamp Bar. Houston-based Triangle Entertainment -- owners of Groove and Roxy, among other local venues -- bought the old Blisters building a few months ago and proceeded with an extensive makeover. By and large, the changes were cosmetic, as the actual structure was in surprisingly good shape at the time of purchase. (Apparently, looks can be deceiving.)

"It's really bright and really colorful," says Triangle's Kelly Cook. "We have swamp-animal characters made out of Styrofoam and cloth everywhere."

Obviously, Triangle -- which timed the club's "official" grand opening to coincide with this weekend's 101 KLOL Rocquafest (technically, the club has been open since May 21) -- has made a sizable investment in VooDoo Daddy's success. But the company doesn't seem overly concerned about its questionable viability in the off-season.

"We do know that summertime is going to be much better than fall and winter," Cook says. "But we have plans pending to address the other months."

Guess we'll have to take her word for it.


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