If you believe the word on the street, the Voodoo Lounge is closing its doors this week. But gossip has a way of turning up lame, and as it happens, Dan Robinson has a big summer planned for his Shepherd Plaza nightclub. While he concedes that business has been slow (allegedly due, in part, to the unfounded rumors -- though Robinson wouldn't speculate on their source), he's confident the next few months will bail him out.

Along with the Voodoo Lounge's traditional DJ-driven theme nights Wednesday through Sunday, Robinson is setting aside Monday evenings for teens only starting June 1. But don't expect underage bacchanalia. HPD security will monitor the proceedings closely, and no one without a valid high school I.D. will be admitted. Because, quite frankly, says Robinson, "I wouldn't want my daughter hanging out with a bunch of older guys.


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