Cody Canada and The Departed

Some people in the Red Dirt Music world are still kicking and moaning about the break-up of Cross Canadian Ragweed, but that milk's been spilt. CCR front man Cody Canada's new outfit, The Departed, which finds him able to step out of the spotlight and let Seth James shoulder part of the singing and guitar-slinging, stays fairly true to the Tom Petty-ish rock that was CCR's forte, but with material from other songwriters which was recorded on the Departed's first album, This Is Indian Land, the band is more interesting lyrically than CCR ever was. And in spite of being surrounded by a stellar lineup, Canada is still that magnetic individual fans can't seem to get enough of. Give him credit for taking a chance and stepping way outside the comfort zone that had been built up around CCR. This one will rock hard.


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