Collective Soul

Sturdy nice-guy rockers who came above ground in the post-grunge explosion, Collective Soul never claimed to be tortured artists, unlike the souls in Bush and Live. Albums like 1993 debut Hints, Allegations & Things Left Unsaid, a 1995 eponymous disc and 1997's Disciplined Breakdown made them mainstays on pop radio, with a mix of subdued ballads and earnest, workmanlike rock singles. Dosage, released in 1999, went back to what made that second album so palatable to programmers, and became one of that year's best-selling records (if not a critical favorite) behind singles "Heavy" and "Run." "Run" also got a boost from an appearance on the soundtrack to the MTV high-school football dramedy Varsity Blues. Their popularity led the Atlanta-based group to get inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in 2009. For this tour, the Soul will be playing Dosage front to back, plus a hits set afterward.


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