Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor is known for being the daddy of all Maggots in Slipknot as well as the subdued and earthy voice of Stone Sour, but on this tour, Taylor steps away from the masks and trappings of a big rock spectacle for an evening of acoustic cuts and a spoken-word session. This past summer, Taylor unleashed his first tome, The Seven Deadly Sins: Settling the Argument Between Born Bad and Damaged Good, a literary look back on nearly two decades of being a drinking and drugging rocker touring across the world. As the spitting, vicious lead singer of Slipknot, the man has no doubt seen his share of immorality, as his nine-piece band blazed a bloody and sweaty path of its own on the metal scene. It will be interesting and altogether enlightening to see the man behind the mask and hear his tales of fame — which we all somewhat aspire to. Now, to see if he will perform "People = Shit" on a crisp acoustic...


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